• Kae Lena Nuique

3 Practices To Remember When Using Call Center Scripts

Business Process Outsourcing companies create scripts to avoid delivering the wrong information to their customers. A new addition to your customer service team might be unfamiliar with a certain issue and may possibly fail to address your customer’s needs. This is why call center scripts are made—to guide your customer service team on what they’re supposed to respond when faced with a certain concern.

Commonly, BPO companies use a call script because of the following reasons:

  • It keeps your agents from giving out the wrong information.

  • It’s a way to show consistency in how your team addresses a concern.

  • It lessens the waiting time for the customer because the answer is already given.

Although call center scripts make the job easier, there are still a couple of issues to it. Since a script is made available, your team might end up too dependent and might find it difficult to address complicated issues when it’s no longer covered by the script. Another issue is sounding robotic.

Just like any other tool, the success of call center scripts depends on how it is being used. Here are three best practices on how you can use call center scripts effectively.

Keep your scripts updated. The purpose of using a script is to provide customers with accurate information. Make sure to regularly update your scripts, to avoid delivering any outdated material. You can use past customer service interactions when creating scripts. The data from this will help you pinpoint the usual concerns customers have and what response was best.

Use your scripts as a guide. Scripts are made to give your customer service team suggestions on what they should say when faced with a certain issue. Teach them not to solely rely on it, rather use the script as a guide. Reading the script word for word will only make them sound robotic. After a while, it will be more natural and human for them when they deliver the information.

Make it a two-way conversation. See to it that your customer service team really listens to the customer and understands the question instead of jumping in right away with the answer. Teach them to regularly check-in with the customer to make sure they got the right information.

Call center scripts can be successful when used properly. Remember to keep your scripts updated, use them as a guide, and don’t forget to listen to customers to be able to provide better service.

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