• Kae Lena Nuique

4 Ways to Build Trust with Your Offshore Team

Outsourcing presents many benefits to startup companies, such as cutting costs and saving time. However, only a few companies recognize the importance of establishing trust in the process of outsourcing. Trust is difficult to gain when you outsource for the first time, especially when you don’t get to meet your service provider and staff face to face. Nonetheless, building trust is vital to establish a healthy relationship with your offshore team.

4 Ways to Build Trust with Your Offshore Team

Here are four ways you can build trust with your team.

Promote a positive work atmosphere. A healthy work relationship built on trust does wonders for your team’s performance. Extend your positive work atmosphere by tying-up with an outsourcing provider that goes through lengths in making their workplace fun and comfortable. This influences employee motivation and happiness, which results in trusting, productive and efficient remote employees.

Create a healthy bond. Most outsourcing fiascos happen when there’s a weak bond between you and your offshore team. You can improve this by initiating activities to get to know them better. Visiting them at least once a year and hosting team building activities are great ways to develop camaraderie.

Improve employee retention. A company with high attrition spends more time and effort on recruitment and oftentimes neglect their employee’s value. Finding ways to keep your best talent, such as offering training and providing benefits, saves you time and costs. It’s something worth investing in rather than spending so much on recruitment.

Encourage potential leaders. Entrust your team with important tasks and projects to instill a sense of responsibility in them. This encourages trust and motivation for them to grow in your company.

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