• Kae Lena Nuique

5 Qualities of an Excellent Call Center Agent

The coronavirus pandemic has placed customer service in a tight position. Call centers are swamped with calls from customers with different concerns and needs, increasing the demand for qualified and well-trained agents.

Call centers are making use of other agents from different teams to meet service levels and providing them with the tools and digital channels to handle the volume of calls. However, there are still many companies that need to hire more agents to meet the demand.

Here are five traits you should look for when hiring your team members. Use this as a guide to help maintain the quality of your customer service.

Impressive Communication Skills

Being a call center agent requires one to have excellent communication skills. However, to become effective, it takes more than just delivering the answer. To be able to listen to the customer is just as important. This quality will ensure that your agents can effectively communicate and deliver the information clearly to your customers.


At any given time, customers will call with different problems and concerns. A call center script acts as a guide for agents, but sometimes a script can only cover the most usual and common concerns. This is why your agent has to be innovative, to be able to come up with solutions to any problem thrown their way.


Sometimes the tasks of a call center agent can be repetitive. When they face the same problems and concerns every day, agents become complacent. As a result, they automatically think they understand the issue without fully listening to the customer. It’s important to have agents that listen attentively and double-check the issue to ensure customer satisfaction before ending the call.

Exceptional Memory

Agents have to learn a substantial amount of information about your company, this is why you need agents with great knowledge retention. They should be able to provide accurate product and service information and should fully understand your company’s brand. It’s completely normal for call center agents to seek help from their supervisors, especially during the first stages. However, an agent should be able to develop rich product knowledge over time and should be able to deliver answers with ease.


A call center environment is often busy and agents are sometimes required to juggle different tasks at once. An organized agent will lessen the chances of errors during this process. So make sure you hire people that show characteristics of being organized, like showing up on time.

Being aware of these qualities will help you save a lot of time during the hiring process. However, it’s also important that you partner with the best call center to get top talent.

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