• Kae Lena Nuique

6 Tips to Boost Call Center Sales

In today’s fast-paced world, first impressions matter and have a great impact when it comes to dealing with customers. You only get one chance to leave a great first impression, and it’s often done by your customer service team.

Customers want quick and reliable assistance they can connect to on whatever social media platform they use. Whether you’re running a small team or a large group of customer support agents, ensuring high-quality customer experience must be at the top of your list if you want to boost sales from both new and repeat customers.

Here are six easy ways to increase your call center sales.

Invest in quality equipment. There would be times when the office gets crowded, and the external noise could be heard. This would make it difficult for representatives and customers to completely understand each other on the phone. Invest in noise-canceling headsets to provide your customers with the service that they deserve. In addition, ensure that the rest of your equipment, such as computers, are up to the latest specs to aid your team in working efficiently without the unnecessary stress of slow machines.

Organize internal contests and incentives. Motivate your employees with office contests and performance incentives. This is one way for your employees to strive to do better in the workplace and to improve their skills. Healthy competition is needed to inspire your agents to try new things that could eventually help increase your company’s performance. Customer service representatives are after all your front liners. Ensure that they’re rewarded when they make sales for your company.

Create a good opening spiel and script. This is another way of boosting your sales. Having a strong team of call center agents isn’t enough. You have to make sure that they also have a good script to guide them when answering customers and rebutting objections. Ensure that they are well-trained and that they remain polite, genuine, and cheerful throughout the call.

Employ staff with excellent people skills. When hiring, make sure to choose those who can comfortably engage in conversations and those that can keep your customers’ attention longer in a call. Employing someone who’s sociable and confident can help increase your company’s sales.

Record calls. For you to improve customer service, it’s important to keep track of the calls your employees make. Call tracking will increase productivity, as this helps representatives learn from their mistakes and improve efficiency. This also helps managers plan staffing, QAs evaluate quality, and trainers develop training initiatives.

Outsource your sales team. Boosting sales requires a good team of sales agents in your call center. It’s a numbers game. So, look for ways to scale your call center help boost your sales. Outsourcing is a good option to grow your support at an affordable cost. Look for a reputable business process outsourcing vendor with a good sales track record.

You can opt for a month-to-month payment or even arrange a pay-per-performance scheme.

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