• Kae Lena Nuique

Advantages of Hiring Filipino Call Center Agents

Making smart and calculated decisions put you ahead of the competition. That’s why in today’s competitive age, hiring remote call center agents is beneficial because not only will you be reducing costs, you will also be expanding your organization’s reach across the globe with expanded customer support.

When looking for the best Philippine call center, make sure that you thoroughly research the company’s culture as well. Being Asia’s leading business process outsourcing (BPO) hub, the country has a good number of call center companies. It’s no surprise that Filipinos are known for being hardworking, efficient, and resourceful. However, these are only some of the work traits that make hiring Filipinos desirable.

Here are five reasons why you should hire Filipino call center agents:

  1. Firm Company Core Values. This often includes honesty, integrity, and respect. Companies have different habitual actions and beliefs; therefore, company core values vary from one call center to another. Having a strong set of values helps these companies determine if they’re on the right path and if their employees are meeting their goals with an unwavering guide.

  2. Commendable Personality. Filipinos are commonly ambitious and career-minded, their priority would remain with the relationships they built with the people around them. This quality shows as early as they take on outsourced jobs like customer support and tech support. Their goal is to create and maintain healthy relationships with customers.

  3. Excellent English Skills. A 2019 survey by EF English Proficiency Index shows that the Philippines ranks as no. 2 0f 100 countries and ranks no. 2 in Asia. This is why when you work with a Filipino call center agent, you wouldn’t have to worry about the language barrier. It’s not a surprise that the English language is a strategic business advantage, that’s why Filipinos take advantage of their ability to speak, write, and read the language.

  4. Awesome Culture. Not all companies give their employees the benefit to unwind from their stressful workload. However, most Filipino companies always find a way to treat their employees to summer parties, team building activities, and events. This kind of company culture is important because it strengthens its employees’ relationship with the company and keeps their mental health in check.

  5. Unbiased Policies. Philippine BPOs give equal chances to everyone. This ensures that no one is denied the chance of acquiring a job. They hire based on talent, without any regard for age, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. There is also no gender bias when it comes to being a call center agent because both sexes can tackle different BPO tasks, including leadership roles.

These are only some of the traits that make hiring Filipino BPOs desirable. The unparalleled values of Filipinos itself show the excellent business culture of the country.

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