• Kae Lena Nuique

Customer Service: To Outsource or Not?

With many businesses sprouting here and there, consumers are bombarded with more choices. However, not every business succeeds due to various reasons. One of which could be due to poor customer engagement. In a business, it's important to remember to not only focus on getting customers but also provide these customers with high-quality products, services, and the best customer service experience.

As a business grows, so does its number of customers. To cater to all of your customer’s needs, you can either have an in-house customer service staff or consider outsourcing customer service tasks. Both have their advantages and disadvantages; so, it’s best to have a closer look at the two.

In-House Customer Service Staff

Personal Supervision and Training Opportunities. Attention to detail is of great importance when it comes to customer service. Personal supervision and training opportunities would be easier if the customer service staff is on site. By conducting extensive trainings and programs, your staff can master the company’s policies and standards, making them fully equipped to answer your customer’s queries. On the other hand, this may also take so much of the company’s time, effort, and money. Having an in-house customer service staff requires an office, the right facilities and appropriate software, as well as the hiring and training fees.

Good Relationship with Other Departments. Keeping a customer service staff on site promotes a good relationship between teams, as they’re given an opportunity to communicate with other departments. This encourages sharing of ideas that can possibly lead to great improvements to the company’s culture. However, this can also be a factor that can hinder their productivity. Instead of doing their job separately, they’re already barging in each other’s tasks.

Maintain Confidentiality. As part of protecting a company’s creative output, it requires confidentiality of intellectual property. Having an in-house team for customer service means they’ll be under a certain contract; this can prevent them from sharing the company’s artistic works to its competitors.

Customer Service Outsourcing

Saves Cost and Time. Outsourcing customer service is working with a third-party service provider to handle customer interaction. It’s an opportunity for a business to cut costs, especially when the outsourcing provider takes care of hiring and training agents, as well as providing the office space and facilities. There’s no need to closely monitor them, as picking the best outsourcing service provider can provide you with highly trained customer service representatives who are experienced and skillful. This gives the company more time to focus on its core tasks.

Access to International Professionals. Another benefit of choosing a reliable outsourcing specialist is its ability to give you a team of experts for an affordable cost. Since they care for both the reputation of their company and of their clients, they only hire those who are fit for the job. For example, a growing number of US-based businesses are outsourcing to the Philippines because of the country’s westernized culture and high English proficiency. Thus, outsourcing to the Philippines is considered one of the top choices, as its BPO industry is continuously improving.

Improved Productivity and Quality. With the availability of communication tools, such as smartphones, tracking software, and messaging applications, customers’ expectations when it comes to customer service have also increased. But with a virtual team that is carefully handpicked, expect them to meet service levels ahead of time while maintaining high-quality output. Their dedication in their work and persistence in improving ensure a company that they’re able to handle even irate callers professionally.

At the end of the day, you’d always want to choose what’s best for your business. Choose from the leading outsourcing companies in the Philippines that offer back-office, digital marketing, and customer service expertise seasoned for more than a decade. Work with a reliable outsourcing provider now to enhance your company’s services.

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