• Kae Lena Nuique

English As the Philippines’ Language in Business

For foreigners, a business in the Philippines isn’t that difficult, because there’s no need to worry about the language barrier. Thanks to historical ties, the Philippines adapted English as their second language, next to Filipino. Most universities and corporate institutions in the country use this language as their medium of instruction as well.

According to the 2019 English Proficiency Index report, the Philippines ranks at No. 20 among 100 countries and ranks No. 2 in Asia. It’s not a surprise that most Filipinos speak and write in English.

Here are three other statistics you might want to know before you start your operations in the Philippines.

Neutral Accent. Having a history with Western culture and language, Filipinos have mastered a neutral accent when speaking the English language. Customers won’t even notice that they’re talking to someone who’s halfway across the globe. This is why most Western clients prefer Filipino agents because of the slim chance of miscommunication.

Remarkable People Skills. Filipinos are commonly known for their hospitable culture. Having been colonized by three countries, the Philippines has become accustomed to handling foreigners while remaining aware of the different cultures. In addition, the Filipino’s welcoming personality makes it even the most ideal offshore workforce for your business.

Ability to Actively Listen. One common trait of most Filipino’s is the ability to stay calm and collected when talking to irate customers. This shows how well Filipinos are in the customer service industry, as they genuinely listen and understand customer concerns.

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