• Kae Lena Nuique

Overcoming The Challenges of Managing an Offshore Team

Outsourcing is one of the fastest developing businesses on the planet. As per Gene Zaino, leader of MBO Partners, individuals choose to go out and work on their own to earn a middle-class living with their freelance career. The number of freelancers will consistently increase as more companies are unsure of enlisting full-time representatives.

The advantages of hiring remote employees have picked up among companies and entrepreneurs since it boomed over 10 years ago. By hiring freelancers, companies can spare more on office rentals and reduce work costs. As a result, the pool of freelancers developed, giving companies the opportunity to discover more talent that best fits their needs.

Have a system for sharing progress. Instead of filling your calendar with online meetings and calls, use these technological advancements to allow efficient communication and camaraderie. Use tools, such as Google Hangouts and Slack, to quickly gather everyone. This way, team members can spend less time constantly updating each other, and more time getting things done.

Offer flexible work schedules. When you let your offshore team determine their own creative way to stay hooked, you get great results. Flexibility means you allow people to work at their most productive time.

Engage with them daily. An employee that feels isolated from a team will not be inspired enough to stay productive at work. Choosing to outsource means you’re involving everyone, even your remote employees, in daily projects and progress reports.

Managing a remote team comes with a lot of challenges. Learn how to manage them correctly, and you will reap great rewards. For seamless business operations, outsource with a service provider in the Philippines!

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