Why Choose SOPHI?


We have over 400 staff located in two continents, who have multi-lingual ability and 24hr capacity to support your business. 

We have three sites with 99.9%redundancy for business continuity. 


Our staff are loyal, we have an extremely low turnover rate, around 40% of staff members have been with us for 8-10 years. 


SOPHI maintains staff levels so you don't have to! Enabling you to ramp up as demand increases and decrease as work load lessens. 


Management support - work with a dedicated manager to ensure that your service levels are met


We understand our industry, and moreover we understand our clients. We recruit on a bespoke basis and always allow our clients the opportunity to interview their proposed Agents before engagement. 


We provide a 30 day free trial for all services. Should you not wish to engage with SOPHI after the 30 days, there is no fee or obligation. Like we said it's a FREE trial.